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Why You Should Reward Your Staff

If you are a small/medium scale business owner with a couple of members of staff. The million-dollar question is; how pertinent are your employee to your business and how long can your business run without them?

Now, take for instance you got into your place of business on a Monday morning and realised that none of your employees had showed up for work and eventually, your members of staff start calling in to inform you that they are sick… Not sick as a result to flu or other health-related issue, but they are sick of working for you.

While this would be a rare situation, I dare say at this junction that at least some or if not all of your staff have at least skipped a day or two of work under the camouflage of being ill. Apparently, they were probably sick of the environment and the daily grind of their job.

However, most of us have worked on a job we didn’t seem to enjoy or found ourselves in an environment where we felt unhappy as well as stressed and this can happen every day of the working week – if you feel unappreciated. Essentially, some of us might enjoy what we do, but ironically, not enjoy who we do it for.

Business success is created with the quality of relations.       

You have to pay a closer attention to this; the key that is needed for a business owner is for them to make their staff feel appreciated. However, this doesn’t mean you have to increase your staff pay. Every staff would wish to be paid well, but they also want to be recognised and rewarded.

From revert, to motivation and trust are three essential ingredients staff look out from their employer. You only have a handful of staff who will take on the initiative to request for these things. Most members of staff expect their employers or rather their managers to provide them with feedback, give motivation and show that they trust their employees. Now in a situation whereby you’re an employer or manager of your business, you have to understand as well as recognise the fact that you are a leader amidst your employees.

Your employees crave to be shown at least a bit of appreciation for what they achieve, words of recognition as well as an encouraging remark complimented with a gift or reward. This can either be in the form of a paid staff holiday, tickets to concerts or their favourite sporting events, or it could be an affordable offer on the products being sold at your business.

In a situation, whereby a business owner who has a large staff, rewarding every employee personally could become a job in itself and could be time consuming as well as being costly. The best practice to achieve this problem is that, an employee has to set up a benefit program. We are not discussing expensive rewards here, as well as health insurance, commuting costs and employee’s kids’ school fees. What is being suggested here in retrospect has to do with a customisable managed program that is affordable and readily available to all your staff.

One fantastic example to this,  is a reward card program which provides discounts on things like traveling, dinning tickets and shopping. Also, you can set up a membership site, whereby your members of staff get to select how and when they are rewarded. This methodology, as employee engagement is cost effective and saves time for the employer.