Employee Benefits

There is a very beautiful saying “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected”. Employees can be the main element in a company’s success if their services and hard work is rewarded. It can be said that employee devotion is directly proportional to company’s success and devotion comes when employee services are regarded and rewarded.

The reward can be a simple thank you or it can be any other kind of reward like financial incentives, vacations, any kind of party etc. If an employee is fairly rewarded for his services for the company he will always promote the company’s image in a very positive manner both in and outside of the office. A contented employee always stays loyal to the firm which makes it less likely to leave the firm, resulting in keeping the turnover low and saving the extra costs of training workshops for new employee.

According to Bersin and Associates those companies which are having some kind of rewarding programs for their employees have 31% lower turnout rate as compared to those companies which don’t have any relative programs. A positive and happy employee who has been rewarded for his services will always be more engaged in the company than a negative and unhappy employ. Today we will talk about 6 easy ways through which you can reward your employee.

i) A Thank you Message: One of the most easy and cost free method to boost up your employee morale is by saying thank you. It can be done on weekly basis to reward your employee hard work and dedication towards the company for the entire week. So whenever the employee will look at the thank you note on his desk it will give him a feel of worth and motivate him to do better for company day by day.

ii) Dinner from Boss: Company’s boss can play a vital role in developing his/her employee moral through different ways of rewarding. If the boss invites his entire team for a dinner in some nice restaurant it will give the employees a sense of equality. Eating together on one table with their boss will give an atmosphere of family and the employees will feel more comfortable and perform well for the company.

iii) A movie together in the office: An employee’s performance will get improved as he or she will feel like home in the office. An employee working in a comfortable environment will always perform better than an employee who is working a strict environment. So sometime arranging a movie in office for the staff will increase their comfort level and again give them a feeling of family.

iv) Conferences: A conference can be very informative and skillful for the employees, as they will learn efficient ways of working in their field. This method is not just beneficial for the employees but also for the company.

v) Weekend Trip: A weekend trip can refresh the mind of employees from the week’s hectic schedule. Trip can be on any scene view where employees can also bring their families and get a chance to meet their colleague’s families too. This will make the bond between employees stronger.

vi) Life Time Achievement Award: Arranging such a ceremony can touch the hearts of employees. Rewarding those employees who have dedicated their entire lives working passionately for the company’s benefits with a life time achievement award will not only make those employees delighted who are getting it but also motivate the others to work harder and reach the stage of getting this award.